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At Agna, we have always believed in creating a compass that would guide us on our journey to identify and nurture groundbreaking startups. Thus, we dedicated our efforts to developing our Fund thesis. This thesis is an amalgamation and assimilation of our experiences, perspectives, and the vision we have for the future, not only of the human race but also of our ‘ever-breathing planet’, which we share with other species.

Our perspective on the paradigm shifts – just a glimpse!

#1: Embracing the Triumvirate of Disruptions

Pillars #1 & #2: Economics and Social

Micro shifts happening in Economics and Social aspects:

“A move from a few to many paradigm – ‘a more community-centric + power to the crowd paradigm’.”

  • Economic Transformation: We are moving from an era of concentrated wealth and influence to a more democratized economy. Here, ‘ambition’ and ‘curiosity’ are the new currencies of success.
  • Social Evolution: Our society is transitioning from legacy norms that have been ingrained into our societal complexes courtesy of the developments that have happened over the last so many decades to a more expressive and liberal paradigm. This shift from the few to the many amplifies diverse voices and perspectives.

Macro shifts happening in Economics and Social aspects:

At the macro level too similar shifts are happening to create a new paradigm that would define the progress of humanity over the next century…

“World is becoming chaotic” & action is “sustainably” shifting from the West to the East

  • Our world is increasingly becoming multipolar, creating regional power hubs in the East led by emerging economies such as India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc.
  • Emerging economies have progressed exponentially in recent decades on economic, social & political fronts, and are sitting on a relatively strong foundation.
  • Advanced Technological & manufacturing hubs are being created in the East.

Pillar #3: Ecology & Environment

  • Ecological Awareness: Modern humans are becoming increasingly mindful of the environmental impact generated by their daily actions. This represents a significant shift away from the exploitative practices of the past, promoting a more sustainable approach to advancement.

#2: Technology – The Enabler of Paradigm Shifts

“Technology Renaissance: Physical and Digital convergence = Age of Data and Engineering”

Technology stands at the heart of these paradigm shifts. It has been the active enabler, intertwining with every facet of our lives and empowering transformations across centuries. Today, the convergence of physical and digital technologies has unlocked a plethora of new possibilities, reshaping our experiences.

“We are rapidly progressing from an age whereAge of Atoms and Bits are meeting each other’ to an ‘Age where bits reach the same level of intelligence as atoms’”

You will discover more details in our detailed Fund thesis as to how various technologies within Data and Engineering are making this Paradigm Shift more structural and permanent. Stay tuned for the in-depth insights in our Fund Thesis.

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